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Barcode add-in for MS Access

ABarcode for Access is an Access add-in that allows you to print bar codes in any Access report. While the report is printing, ABarcode hides the text boxes, and draws its contents as bar code symbols. These symbols can be later decoded by a bar code reader (light pen, CCD scanner, laser gun, etc.), which will enter it into a computer in its original human readable form.

Bar code symbols are printed at the same position that you placed your text boxes. Dimensions, colour, and font are also the same as your text box, and any other symbol specifications are easily set up with the ABarcode wizard.

IMPORTANT: ABarcode for Access works ONLY for MS Access reports, NOT for Access forms nor for any other Office program. If you need barcodes in MS Access forms or any other Office program, please try our ABarcode ActiveX.

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