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Properties of ABarcode ActiveX Control

proplistHere are the properties you can adjust for the barcode control.

NOTE: all the barcode sizing parameters are in centimeters.

  • BackColor: the background color of the barcode.
  • Font: the font of the human readable text.
  • ForeColor: the color of the bars and text.
  • LeftMargin: the space of the left margin in centimeters. The same space applies to the right margin when the Autosize property is set.
  • NarrowBarWidth: width in centimeters of the narrowest bar. Also called X-Dimension.
  • Orientation: sets the orientation of the barcode. Valid values are Horizontal, Vertical (bottom to right), Inverted, and Vertical inverted (bottom to left).
  • Symbology: type of barcode to be used. Look at the Symbologies chapter for information about the available symbologies for ABarcode.
  • TopMargin: the top margin in centimeters. Also applied to the bottom margin when Autosize is set.
  • ValueToEncode: data to be encoded in the barcode. It has no effect if you connect the control to a data source.
  • Autosize: set this option to True if you want the dimensions of the control to be automatically adjusted to the barcode inside.
  • AddCheckDigit: adds a check digit to the barcode. Only applies to symbologies that do not require check digit: Code39, Extended Code 39, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, and RoyalMail. This option is ignored for the rest of symbologies since the check digit is always required.
  • AddCheckDigitToText: adds the check digit to the human readable text. This option is ignored when the previous one is ignored too, since for symbologies where a check digit is required, the specification indicates whether the check digit must be shown.
  • BarHeight: the height of the bars in centimeters. This option has no effect for bidimensional barcodes (PDF417 and Code16K) which use the YDimension property.
  • CodabarStartChar - CodabarStopChar: start and stop characters for Codabar. Valid values are A, B, C or D.
  • Code11TwoCheckDigits: set to True for ABarcode to add the optional second check digit to a Code 11 barcode.
  • Code128CharSet: select the set of characters to be used in Code 128. AUTO is recommended..
  • EANUPCAddOn: number of digits for the EAN/UPC supplement.
  • ITF14BearerBars: indicates whether bearer bars must be drawn for ITF-14 barcodes.
  • ITF14BearerBarsWidth: width of the bearer bars, in centimeters.
  • PDFColumns: number of columns for PDF417, between 0 and 30. Automatically computed if 0.
  • PDFEccLevel: error correction level for PDF417. Auto is recommended.
  • PDFRows: number of rows for PDF417, between 3 and 90. You can set to zero for ABarcode to automatically compute it.
  • ShowText: set to True to print the human readable code below the bars. Ignored for 2-D symbologies.
  • WideToNarrowRatio: wide to narrow ratio for symbologies that only use two bar widths: Code11, Code39, Codabar and Interleaved 2 of 5. Usually between 2 and 3.
  • YDimension: height to width ratio for 2D symbologies. The actual height of each row is the NarrowBarWidth multiplied by YDimension.

This is the custom property page of ABarcode ActiveX. You will see this one when using our wizards.


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